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What better way to get involved than to dive right in!?  Groups, Community Service,

Families, People who want to camp at the event or get to know more about faire,

read on for more information!

We are an event of the Spokane Entertainers Guild - a Washington 501(c)3 organization.  This enables us to work with other non-profits, provide tax-deductible partnerships with local businesses and to reach out to civic groups and schools who participate in community service. We provide camping for our volunteers (see "Overnight Accommodations" page) as well as a quieter place to take breaks and get a small bite to eat.

If you want to get involved, please email our

Volunteer Coordinator, Matthew Thomas at: 

SRF. Volunteers@SpokaneEntertainersGuild.com.





If you are interested in a seat on the Board of Directors...

The Spokane Entertainers Guild is looking for people who:

1. Do not care about "position" but about the organization's long-term health

2. Will invest the time, talent, network and money to assist the organization in thriving

3. Have successful real-world experience in business and board management

4. Will make the hard choices and think outside of the box.

Note: One does not have to have attended this event to lead well.

If you're still interested and think you fit this, please email our Board Chair at:  boardchair@spokaneentertainersguild.com