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Trinket trading is the giving or trading of small items also sometimes called Faire Favors, usually associated with your character.  Following are the guidelines for the Spokane Renaissance Faire. 


You can be “identified” as a “Trinket Trader” by wearing/displaying an orange ribbon - You must supply your own Ribbon


As per Faire policy: "Only approved vendors may sell anything on site." If you are not an approved Faire Vendor, you can not sell your trinkets, or anything else for that matter. The vendors are vetted, licensed, insured, etc. They are the only ones allowed to sell anything on site. That also includes parking. If you are seen selling anything, you will definitely be told to stop. You may also be asked to leave. Best to not find out the hard way... (Official vendors can sell trinkets, should they so choose.)


Do NOT Trinket Trade in vendor booths. Do not ask them to take trinkets as payment. Do not create/trade products that compete with something vendors offer. Trinkets should be small, cheap, and nominal value less than $2. Do your best to make sure merchants don't feel that you're stealing business. Don't trade trinkets, and/or talk loudly, during a performance.  Don't clog up the guild yard with trading etc. Leave the areas and do your trading off to the side. Think about what you're doing and where you're doing it. Find a quiet corner or out of the way place. Don't be a distraction and don't be in the way. Don't hog space meant for other things.  BE RESPECTFUL.


Some children may want to participate in Trinket Trading. If you choose to do so, you need to get consent from their parent/guardian. Ask if it's OK to trade with them. Also ask the parent if they approve of the trade you're offering. Is it safe for their child? (For example, something with a liquid in a bottle wouldn't be suited for kids, as they may try to drink it.) Is it something the parent feels will work for their child. You can let the child choose, but basically you should be negotiating with their parent/guardian, to be sure they approve of your proposed item to trade. Also, may be a good idea to have some trinkets more appropriate to kids and what they have to trade if you plan to do so.

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