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Bring Your Demonstration Group

to the 2024 Faire!

We would enjoy having a great array of non-profit groups come to display their talents in our Living History Alley at the upcoming faire. You will still need to fill out the merchant application. Just note at the top that it is for a Demonstration Group. 

Demonstrators are still expected to adhere to the required "period appropriate" booth if not more so than typical merchants. If you are selling items or activities, you must denote it in the application as well as what you will be charging. Undercutting prices of other merchants is not appropriate.

A few quick things you need to know before you fill out the application:

1. All booths are required to have their own insurance.

2. All booths are required to have pets/animals on-leash or penned at all times.

3. Return Demos may request a "same spot" but these are not guaranteed.

4. There is not electricity or potable water on the site.

5. If you do not send in ALL parts of the application (picture, insurance, ect) your 

     application is not considered "submitted."

6. Set up is to be completed by 9am on Saturday morning. If you are unable to fulfill this deadline,     

    your future with this event may become jeopardized

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