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We are now accepting

Merchant application for our 2024 season

We are incredibly pleased to be one of the largest Renaissance Faires in Washington State!


Going into our 11th year of faire, we are looking for vendors and merchants who have unique and period appropriate items and foods they have made themselves and who are also excited about coming to one of the largest faires! Last years changes to the Merchant Market were warmly received by both buyers and sellers alike! The people were spending and the crowds just kept moving through the marketplace. As is our custom, we will be capping the Merchants at two like product booths. This means if there are three similar jewelry makers, only two - four will be selected to join us (depending on product type). This is based both on application date AND jurying.


A few quick things you need to know before you fill out the application:

1. All booths are required to have their own insurance.

2. All booths are required to have pets/animals on-leash or penned at all times.

3. Return merchants may request a "same spot" but these are not guaranteed.

4. There is not electricity or potable water on the site.

5. If you do not send in ALL parts of the application (picture, payment, insurance, ect) your 

     application is not considered "submitted."

6. Set up is to be completed by 9am on Saturday morning. If you are unable to fulfill this deadline,     

    your future with this event may become jeopardized

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