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Spokane Entertainers Guild

The Spokane Entertainers Guild (SEG) formed in February 2010 by Tara Mickschl, Monique Tarkington, and Rachael Evans after seeing a need for a traditional Tudor England renaissance faire in their area. In 2011, the organization launched the Spokane Renaissance Faire at the Cowgirl CoOp in Colbert, WA. They were ecstatic to see more than 300 people show up but that was just the beginning. By the second year they had over 1,000 patrons and it has only continued to grow. In 2013, the faire moved to the Lazy K Ranch, still in Colbert, with more room to continue to grow.  

In 2018 we had more than 5,500 people in attendance! What a great show of enjoyment and support. In the future, SEG intends to add other entertaining and community focused events. They are focused on using their great events to support other non-profits in the community who make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Organizations EIN# 45-2936184

Board of Directors President: Tara Mickschl

Mrs. Mickschl's Contact 509-998-9596

Vision Statement
Our goal is to provide opportunities for the community to come together in what we feel are unique and

exciting venues while supporting groups that make a difference in the lives of many.

Mission Statement
We are dedicated to increasing awareness and support for other charities and non-profit

organizations through entertaining and educational fundraising events and projects.

Future of the Company
We are a unique organization which not only educates the public about history, but also helps promote the
organizations and businesses we support. We set a positive example of what volunteering can bring to the
community and have plans to integrate additional charitable events into the local yearly event calendar.