Tour our booths of crafters, makers, designers and creators.  We put an emphasis on vendors who act as living exhibits so that you can interact directly with knowledgeable and friendly people

Royal Court

Meet the royal court of nobles.  Interact with the court, ladies in waiting, knights, guards, and even a jester.


We have scripted shows with an emphasis on historical events throughout the day and we welcome patrons of all ages to share in the experience



Ensemble Cast

As you're walking around the Faire, keep an eye out for our Cast performing in the village.  Be sure to visit the Vardo, the washing well, or the training fields!

The Arena

Jousting, Sword Fighting, Real Cannons, Archers, Knights and Dressage, are just a few of the wonderful performances happening in our Arena.


With 4 stages throughout the village, there is always something going on from Magicians to Musicians and Dancers to Dunces; our stage shows are sure to please.




Looking for a stylish new drinking horn? Perhaps a new sword or scabbard for your little knight is on the list? Check out the market for all kinds of interesting wares.

Fun For All Ages

Scavenger hunts, kids carnival and a knighting ceremony for children make the Faire, not only a spectacle, but also gives all patrons something fun to participate in.


Whether you plan a picnic near the grounds, order from one of our many food vendors, or partake in either our beer garden or themed tavern, there is plenty of options to please any palate.

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