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(Giving Money)

Making a financial contribution is one of the surest ways to make an impact! Just like other non-profit organizations, the Spokane Entertainers Guild counts on tax-deductible sponsorship to continue expanding what we can offer in our community. We appreciate our donors by listing them here as well as in our gate flyer which is passed out to the 5,500+ people who enter our gates. In order to make this wonderful opportunity available to people of all incomes, we offer five different levels. We have different ways to thank each level. The larger the donation, the more appreciation we're able to show. Those levels are:

King & Queen:       $1,000+

The Royal Guard:  $750+

Lord & Lady:          $500+

Squire:                      $250+

Bard:                         $125+

Sponsorship contributions are accepted up until the second Friday in September in order for us to ensure each of our donors are able to be listed in our gate flyer. Please mail it to :

PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:                   Spokane Entertainer's Guild

- Sponsoring Company (if applicable)                                C/O Renaissance Fair Sponsorship

- Donor Contact Name                                                          PO BOX 2213

- Mailing Address                                                                   Spokane, WA 99210

- Phone Number

- & Email

Old Paper

In-Kind Donations:

(Giving Items)

Donations of material goods such as construction supplies, good condition period-appropriate costuming, land and services such as marketing materials design, printing and commercial video compilation are of the utmost value! We are an organization which appreciates community participation at each level of preparing and pulling together this educational and fun event. 

A few things to consider when thinking about donating:

1. We do not currently own our own location so items will need to be stored between events - Is what you are offering something able to be deconstructed/made smaller to be stored? (if applicable)

2. We work at the site over four different weekends without electricity or running water - Is the item(s) you're considering perishable, likely to melt too quickly or get cold easily (ie, food, candles, etc)? If you're thinking about making a meal, can you provide a cooler or come BBQ here?


3. We run on volunteer power - is this item or items something that can be used with little or no training?

4. ...Yep, on volunteer power - Is there a service you can provide that will take some of the stress off of our management team who may not know how to do that project as well or are just to bloomin' busy?

Things & Services we're always looking for:

- Batteries for flashlights, fans and the like

- Battery operated fans & flashlights

- Full Length (but cheap) mirrors (in case they break...)

- Block-Rocker Battery operated Bluetooth speaker

- Food donations with a copy of a current food handler's permit or store-bought goods

- Picnic wares: Plastic Utensils, Paper Plates, Napkins, Paper Bowls

- Rolls of Brown Kraft Construction Paper (for covering tables)

- 3/8ths Double Sided Satin Ribbon (mostly in Maroon, Gold, Forest Green and Grey)

- Lumber (2x4's & Plywood most of all) (contact our director for more specifics if you like)

- Paint in large quantities (such as 5 gallons) Mostly in Brown, Forest or Celtic Green, and Grey

- Bright colored bailing twine

- Propane Heater Umbrellas (like you see at outdoor restaurants)

- Small Fire Extinguishers which are current

- Solid construction 10x10 canopies with in-tact cover and walls

-  Garbage Cans - 32 Gallon molded grey trash cans with lids (and bags too!)

- Garb (Costumes) in good condition that don't look like just "Halloween Costumes" or garb sewing.

- Services: Seamstress/Tailor, Drycleaning, Logo Printing, Marketing Materials Design, Knockdown Furniture design and building, and muraling/painting

- Office Supplies: Paper Reams, wood or press-board Clip Boards, POSTAGE STAMPS (yes, really), a Laser Printer with Multiple Page Scanning Function (like a tray rather than a scanner bed), Hand Sanitizer and Index Cards

Things we do not need at this time:

- Toilet Paper... like for the next 9 years...

- Halloween Style Costumes 

- Furniture without specific pre-approval by the directors

- Canopies, camp chairs and such which are in poor condition

If you ARE interested in donating In-Kind Items or Services, please contact our directors.  THANK YOU!

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