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Old Paper

We welcome all to join us in celebration of our

11th season

October 5th - 6th 

now accepting applications!

vendor / performer / demonstrators

click on the green button below to apply

THE YEAR IS 1519 and...

"We have had word that there will be a joyous festival in the town of Bainbridge this year where they will be hosting several tournaments to test skill of lance, sword and arms.  Knights and Dames from all over England, Scotland and Ireland have already accepted their invitations to participate in the events.

 Many will be traveling to the event to join in cheering on their favorites in the Tournament of the Golden Apple.  

The grand tournament is sure catch the interest of the many nobles in the surrounding area and we have received word that King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine will be joining in the festivities.


We invite you all to join us in the merriment and celebration.  There may even be an opportunity to test your skills by joining in some of the tournaments!

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