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Our 2023 Performer positions
have all been filled. 
we will start accepting application for the 2024 Faire shortly after the new year.

We are honored by so many wonderful entertainers and performers partnering with us to make the Spokane Renaissance Faire a magical and wonder-filled event! Whether you are a returning or new performer, we need to you click on the link below to fill out the "Performer Application." Once it is filled out you can either snail-mail or email it in for review by our Assistant Director of Entertainment and our Performer Manager. We do work diligently to ensure a variety of acts that fit within our "renaissance" event and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Performer Application
Old Paper

Huzzah to the
2019 entertainment!

JAWS logo.jpg
Imperial Joust

Twice this day you will bear witness to the Knights of this realm (Jousting Alliance of Washington State aka JAWS) as they compete for victory at the tilt rail. Make your way to the Arena early to find seats and cheer on your favored Knight! Visit the Information Booth to purchase favors to wear to support your knight!  **After 9 years a entertaining the J.A.W.S team has retired and has made room for a new Jousting group who will bring the same energy and entertainment for year to come.***  


Hails from the ancient and mysterious realm of Darkovnia.  Little is known of this hellish and unforgiving land, but Richter is well known for his brutal and borderline dishonorable ferocity in the joust.  He fights for his own glory and cares little for those he must crush under boot to achieve his goals.  He holds the current records for causing the most unhorsing’s, permanent injuries and deaths.

Hurdy Gurdy Man

 Plays songs of old on a unique and beautiful instrument known as the hurdy gurdy.  ***Sadly we lost our beloved member of our Faire family in 2021.  RIP - You will be missed***


From the Duchy Holstine has spent most of his life in England.  Early in his career Sever was extremely successful as a jouster and sword fighter winning many tournaments and gaining a mass of wealth.  Unfortunately, this lead him to become entangled with several vices. Nonetheless, he continues to achieve great feats with lance and sword despite his tendency to be deep in his cups. 

Carter Junctain Main Photo.jpg
Carter Junction

With Clinton on guitar and Sarah on harp this husband and wife duo will harmonize not only their voices but also your hearts.  So sit back and enjoy the acoustic traditional songs of Carter Junction.

Merry Missives of

Join our jovial young missives as they delight you with dances from the medieval and renaissance period.  Sure to entice your own toes to start tapping.

Adria the Juggler.jpg
Adria the Jugler

Join our comedic juggler as she provides a whimsical mix of education, history and jokes that is sure to engage all ages alike.  From high upon the stage, to the Apple Orchard for our little ones, or just wandering the town, you are sure to enjoy the antics she has to offer.

Woton The Fairy Smasher

Wotan the Fairy smasher is a friendly giant from the emerald city who preforms on both coasts of the United States. For the last seven years the silly barbarian loses every fight to children and faeries of all ages. As an antagonist it is his goal to let children be the heroes of their own fairy tales story and go home bragging that they defeated the giant . Wotan hates all things beautiful and magical, he is allergic to fairy dust and blown kisses send him running away!

Galloway Games

 It takes great skill to perform ring spearing and spear throwing on your feet, much less from the back of a galloping horse.  Cheer on your favorite riders, meet some of the finest horses you ever will, and be entertained ‘til the cows come home.


Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries. Sail the seven seas with the notorious Pirates of the Emerald Rose! These freedom loving outcasts are sure to liven up any event as they recreate “The Golden Age of Piracy” for yer entertainment an’ education.  With Shanties, Swords, and Cannons, we'll be bucklin' yer swashes until we haul anchor.

Hawke Closeup.jpg
Hawke the Bedlam Bard

Whether you are one or a hundred and one, you are sure to enjoy the music of our wonderful Bard.  Singing about Unicorns or a Monster Lullaby in the Apple Orchard for our wee ones, to traditional renaissance songs and ballads on the main stage to those 21 and older who aren’t afraid to blush (or even if you are), Hawke is sure to please.  And for all our Mudders out there, be sure and request “That Jane Song.”  You won’t be disappointed.

Hubbardston Nonesuch

A madrigal group set to entertain you with traditional celebratory poetry and song. Originally created in 2011 to provide early music for the Spokane Renaissance Faire, now performing a Capella music in a variety of settings to audiences throughout Spokane.

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